There will be two campsites: next to the entrance there will be a campsite for tents only. The second campsite is located a bit further away and is called ‘the quiet campsite’. The name gives it away, this campsite should be quieter. There it’s allowed to park cars (next to your tent) and campers. Both will open on Wednesday and close again on Monday afternoon. For practical and ecological reasons, showers and washbasins, however, can be found at the festival’s entrance.

Important! For safety reasons, all types of BBQs and campfires are strictly forbidden at both campsites! Gas for food preparation is allowed on one condition only: the fire supply should be limited to small gas bottles (max 3kg) only, specifically made for camping purposes. Large gas bottles, gas bottles lying around in the burning sun, or dangerous objects will be confiscated by our festival staff.


You can enjoy breakfast at The Oxfam tent every morning. The breakfast tent is located next to campsite 1 and will be open from 8h30-11h30. (10 euro)

Rent a tent

You can rent a tent and have it set up if you don’t want to drag a tent along. A single tent can be rented for €25 only, a double tent for €40. Reservations are required and can be made via the ticket page.

Hotels & B&B's

There are several Bed & Breakfasts near the festival too. Contact Tourism Meetjesland for more info: Phone number: 0032 (0) 9 377 86 00 Website: