Registration regulations

Effective date: January 1, 2019


Your registration will not be final until the following 3 steps have been completed:

Cancellation by participants

If you cancel before June the 1st, you will pay 25% cancellation costs.
In case of cancellation before August the 1st, half of your registration fee will be deducted.
In the event of cancellation after August the 1st, the full registration fee will be deducted.

Cancellation by the organization

The organization reserves the right to cancel a course if there are too few enrollments or if the teacher is not available due to force majeure. In that case, the full registration amount will be refunded. If you can only experience part of the internship, please contact us by mail to

Waiting list

When a course is full, you will end up on the waiting list. Participants who register for the entire internship week will be given priority.

Organization responsibility

The organization is not responsible in case of accidents or thefts.