In the week before Boombalfestival the Boombalstage will take place in the same areas. This internship is known for its fantastic atmosphere, especially good teachers and not to forget: the great food! Everyone can participate in the internship. Young or old, absolute beginner or routine on the dance floor. There is a group for everyone so you are guaranteed to have a fascinating and enriching week.

In the evening it's party time! Two groups play every evening. Of course, this is accompanied by a cozy bar with the better drinks... This ball is free for participants of the internship. As a bon vivant as we are, we find good food a basic condition for a successful day. Fortunately, we are blessed with a fantastic team of volunteers. Under the guidance of chef Wim they prepare the most delicious dishes. All meals are prepared on the spot. We only work with fresh products and go as far as possible for organic and fair trade.

The internship lasts for 3.5 days. An appropriate number of days so you definitely start fresh at the festival! We start on Sunday afternoon and close with a bal on Wednesday evening, after which we seamlessly move to the opening day of Boombalfestival on Thursday. The festival itself is freely accessible for participants in the internship.

Dance seminars

Have you already attended several series of balfolk lessons? Have you mastered the complete foundation you can acquire in the dance track 'Elementary'? Would you like to further deepen your dance knowledge? Fantastic!

Our teacher is already jumping to work intensively on me to improve your dance skills. In this, extensive attention is paid to leading and following. This is therefore THE red thread during the internship days so that you can shift your focus to new elements in dance during dancing.

In addition, you will also learn new dances that can differ from time to time, allowing you to enjoy a diverse range of dances: bourrée 3temps, polska, pas d'été, 'k host ar'choad, asymmetrical rollers ... So you can enjoy Move Your Feet year after year! Ready to take on this challenge?

You have already enjoyed Dance track 'Move your feet' (or other series of lessons) several times and are jumping for a whole new dance adventure. You lead and follow floating on the dance floor and you play with your feet to the rhythm of the music. You choose effortlessly from a color palette of variations to enrich your dances and you do not shy away from feedback, but you immediately start working on it.

You feel comfortable on the dance floor, but do not get back to you To enrich knowledge and move well in a group, then Folkaholics is something for you!

Be aware that this group is progressing at a fast pace and also acquires new dances at this pace. Together as a dance team you will look for enrichments in different dances and this under the guidance of an English speaking teacher. Do you see it fully? Go for it!


Music seminar

Have you always dreamed of playing music with other musicians? Are you longing to participate at jam sessions? Is folk music your thing? Then you are at the right place, here at the Boombalstage ! Immerses during 4 days in the world of the swinging folk. All this in the cosy atmosphere of the orchard at Lievegem. This workshop revolves around having fun and playing music, together. This workshop is aimed at half-advanced musicians who like to learn to play modern balfolk melodies (Scottish, Waltz, Mazurka) in group. We focus mainly on melody, tempo and rhythm. (We leave refined arrangements to the more advanced musicians).

Take a moment to read the following information. This is meant for a good course of the music workshop. So we can evolve togheter. (Don't panic, there's no entrance exam, this check-list below only serves to help you decide if this workshop is for you)

  • You play regularly on your musical instrument
  • You can play a few simple tunes by heart
  • You have a basic knowledge of the following four musical keys: C, G , Am (minor), Em (minor) and you can play these keys in two octaves.
  • You know how to tune your instrument and it is in good condition.
  • You can learn simple tunes by ear (Together with all the participants, we will look for a common tempo to learn new tunes)

In case you practices different instruments we ask you to bring only one on which you will focus during this workshop week (exception for bagpipes in which case Whitles can come in handy in different keys). Please let us know upon registration, which instrument you'll play at this workshop

This workshop will be given in Dutch with possible translation to english.


Cost price

The cost price is 290 euro


  • The internship
  • The ball in the evening
  • Meals (Sunday to Wednesday)
  • Camping
  • Sanitation
  • Free Boombalfestival (Thursday to Sunday)