Would you like to lend a hand at Boombalfestival?
Fantastic and thanks, because the festival relies on volunteers like you!
As a volunteer you’ll do four 4h-shifts in exchange for:

Food & Drinks

You’ll receive 4 vouchers in total: 3 for drinks and 1 for food for each shift.

Festival ticket

You’ll receive a free festival ticket.


You’ll receive a free 2021 Boombalfestival T-shirt.


We try to take into account every volunteer’s wishes and preferences as much as possible. It is therefore important to clarify things sufficiently in the comments section in the online registration form.

Do you have experience as a bartender, a kitchen help, a member of the cleaning staff, a children’s entertainer, an administrative assistant, or a caterer? Or is there a particular task you absolutely do not want to do? Let us know!

That way we can try to meet your preferences and we instantly have all the necessary information to start scheduling everything without having to make too many changes to the complex puzzle.

Important! You can only register as a volunteer as of the age of 16!.


I am available on

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