Day ticket thursday

€ 35

Day ticket friday

€ 55

Day ticket saturday

€ 55

Day ticket sunday

€ 55

Combi ticket

€ 150
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You can only by tickets in advance.

Included in your ticket: The access to two dance-floors, all workshops, the camping-sites, toilets, showers and lots of fun!

The camping-sites opens from Wednesday 25 august. There is already a very small bal on Wednesday evening at 21:00 (with Guus Herremans and Aurélien Claranbaux, free entrance with your ticket for thursday or combi ticket).

Children till 12 years have free entrance to the festival.

Before entering, you’ll have to present either your COVID-19 passport or proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test (less than 72h).

Worst-case scenario, you’ll get your money back, if we have to cancel the festival again due to COVID-19. We will keep you updated!